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Taxation Practice Center

The timely, cost-effective resolution of a tax law issue often calls for an attorney who is experienced in handling tax matters and dedicated to providing personal service. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation and case evaluation with a tax attorney.

Informative Taxation Assistance in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Limiting the amount of your estate that will be lost to tax payments can be a difficult task to face alone. At Jackson, Tullos & Rogers, PLLC, our experienced attorneys offer advice on legal strategies for limiting tax liability, allowing you to pass the maximum amount of your estate along to your family. To better serve you, we have provided this taxation information center. To learn more, or to discuss your taxation needs with one of our lawyers, contact our office online or call 601-620-0374 or toll free 888-630-8795.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Taxation

Q: What is taxation?

A: A tax is a compulsory payment by an individual or business entity to a governmental body. In practice, there may be little practical difference between a tax and a fee or charge. The legal distinctions, however, are important. One reason for this is that many states' constitutions and/or statutes restrict the ability of local governments to raise taxes.

Q: What is the Alternative Minimum Tax?

A: Congress created the alternative minimum tax (AMT) to prevent wealthy taxpayers from paying little or no tax due to various deductions, exemptions and other preferences in the tax code. The AMT requires people to recalculate their taxes using income that would otherwise be exempt from regular taxation.

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Taxation - An Overview

In the United States, taxation — compulsory contributions imposed by government to pay for its services — has always been an important issue. "No taxation without representation" was a rallying cry of the American Revolution, and in 1773, Boston residents dumped hundreds of chests of tea into the harbor rather than pay a British tax on tea. In the early twentieth century, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes asserted famously "[t]axes are what we pay for civilized society." Today, taxation can still be contentious, and it has become more complex, as multiple levels of government all impose charges of various types on individuals and businesses. Today, the federal government, state government and local government can all impose taxes. In addition, numerous special taxing districts at the regional level impose taxes for items such as schools, utilities and transit. If you have questions about the tax laws, contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a tax attorney.

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Federal Income Tax Issues

Individuals can face a number of tax issues for which the assistance of an attorney is advisable. While an accountant can help an individual with filing his or her federal income tax return, a tax lawyer may be able to help if there are issues with that return. For example, an attorney can assist with IRS audits and litigation with the IRS over refunds or other issues.

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Civil and Criminal Tax Penalties

Failure to pay taxes or follow the Internal Revenue Service's rules and regulations can result in serious civil and criminal penalties. This article highlights the civil penalties for some of the common actions or omissions by taxpayers, as well as the penalties for various tax crimes.

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Taxpayers' Rights Regarding the IRS

In the mid-1990s, the poor treatment many taxpayers received from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) produced a national effort to establish the rights of taxpayers in dealings with the IRS. In 1996, Congress passed a Taxpayer Bill of Rights Act, which established a Taxpayer Advocate Service within the IRS. Two years later, following hearings investigating IRS abuses of power, Congress passed the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act to restructure the IRS and make it more responsive to taxpayers. This legislation is the starting point for understanding the rights of taxpayers in relation to the IRS, rights that are of particular interest to taxpayers filing the estimated 5 million individual and business returns that annually end up being audited or in some other dispute with the IRS.

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Alternative Minimum Tax

Congress created the alternative minimum tax (AMT) to prevent wealthy taxpayers from paying little or no tax due to various deductions, exemptions and other preferences in the tax code. The AMT is essentially a separate tax system that requires people to recalculate their taxes using income that would otherwise be exempt from regular taxation. For many years, the AMT affected few taxpayers but recently, application of the AMT has grown so rapidly that it now affects several million people.

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Taxation Resource Links

Internal Revenue Service
This is the main IRS website. Follow the navigation links for specific information aimed at individuals, businesses and particular tax issues.

United States Code
This site contains the full text of the United States Code as provided by the Government Printing Office. To view the Internal Revenue Code, select a year from the drop-down menu and scroll down to Title 26 - INTERNAL REVENUE CODE.

Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board
This site provides information about the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, including details on the compliance procedures.

IRS Criminal Investigation Division
Criminal Investigation (CI) investigates potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes.

Tax Fraud Alerts
Information provided by the IRS about schemes that offer instant wealth or exemption from filing required tax returns and/or paying taxes.

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